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LED Rope Lights

119_0_GoDaddy-Photos-Reinders 391Longer lasting LED Christmas rope lights stay cool to the touch, lasting longer and saving on energy. Enclosed in strong PVC tubing, LynxLite LED rope lights exhibit high flexibility, temperature sustainability, and UV resistance.

  • 153′ Spool LED Rope Light
  • Round shaped rope light tubing
  • 2 wire rope light is the most popular rope light for holiday lighting
  • Customize rope lights by cutting and using accessories
  • Save energy with LED rope lights: 0.53 watts per foot
  • Concave bulbs for increased illumination
  • 12 bulbs per foot for maximum brightness
  • Ignite the holidays with golden rope light
  • 1/2″ or 3/8″ sizes – 2 wire standard / 3 wire for chasing

Available Colors:

Available Color 1
Available Color 2
Available Color 3
Available Color 4
Available Color 5
Available Color 6
Available Color 7
Available Color 8