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LED Commercial Lights

Our commercial LED Christmas Lights have coaxial screw down connectors that require an adapter at the beginning of every run (you need an adapter wherever you want to plug them into an outlet). Commercial LED stringer lights are different from standard or residential grade products primarily because they utilize a ‘coaxial connection’ power system. The coaxial power connection system has a threaded connection on the female end of the stringer and the male end has the compression fitting, or cap, that threads onto the female end.

There is a rubber O-Ring that prevents water from entering the connection housing. This system also provides strain relief between stringers and ensures a moisture-proof connection that will not come undone. You will need a power connector (sold separately). This needs to be connected to the beginning of your stringer run to energize the LEDs.

There are several additional accessories including spacer wires, X, Y and 8-Way power taps. Since you can’t cut and extend the commercial LED Christmas sets, spacer wires allow you to continue your run or let you jump from one point to another, basically a commercial extension cord with coaxial connections. Available in 12, 20 or 50 feet lengths.

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Adaptor Plug
(Female coaxial on one end – standard 2 pronged Male plug on other end)
Rubber “O” Ring to help seal out moisture

Commercial Connectors

Unlike residential strands, LED commercial lights are constructed of thick 20 gauge wire which means they can carry more power more efficiently over longer distances than regular strings of lights. The wire is stronger than the standard 22 gauge

  • Connect up to 125 sets of 25 lights
  • Sealed coaxial connections offer watertight, tamper-proof solutions
  • Heavy Duty Construction