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LED C6 (Strawberry) Lights

The C6 LED strawberry lights are a smaller version of the traditional C7 bulb. The C6 LED Christmas lights are surprisingly brighter than you would think. The C6 is a good choice for applications where the bulb will be highly visible. The commercial LED C6 holiday lights are great for small-medium sized evergreens as well as bushes, and Christmas trees that display a “Retro” or 50’s look.

Premium Sets

  • Commercial Quality-UL Listed
  • Indoor / Outdoor durability
  • Bulbs are cool to touch-No filaments to burn out
  • If one light goes out, the rest stay on
  • Last up to 16x longer than traditional mini lights
  • Use 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs
  • Solid epoxy bulb (Non-breakable)
  • Single Mold Construction (Non-removable bulbs) Water tight
  • M5 (mini ice) Rated: .02 Amps per set. 3.6 Watts per set
  • Max sets connected: Up to 43 sets on a single run
  • Poly bag packaging-makes installation a breeze
  • Vibrant color
  • Colors will not fade or peel-UV protected


  • 70 Lights per strand
  • Green Wire
  • 4” spacing between bulbs
  • String Length: 23”8’
  • Lead Length: 4”
  • Tail Length: 4”
  • End to End Connection
  • 22 gauge Wire
  • Average Hours: 200,000
  • Rectified Sets
  • 25 sets/case

Available Colors:

Available Color 1
Available Color 2
Available Color 3
Available Color 4
Available Color 5
Available Color 6
Available Color 7
Available Color 8