Where patients want to buy meds online in Chicago

The cost of drugs at the Chicago pharmacies can often shock the inexperienced consumer. The main reason for this is the huge investments of pharmaceutical companies in the development of not only a specific molecule that became the basis for a new drug but also dozens of others that ultimately turned out to be unclaimed. But you can buy generic medicines, which are the same as the original drug, but at a significantly lower cost.

Capsule (Rank: 4.6)

https://www.capsule.com/661 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States | (312) 589-7620

  • Very nice and friendly people.. The owner is always super duper nice whenever I go in there! And they have really cute jewelry and odds&ends to look at while u *wait! *(If u walk in and are waiting for ur Rx)
  • Your service is terrible. The last time I was there picking up my prescription, they told me, oh, you didn’t have to call for a refill, you have one on hold. So next time, just tell us you have one on hold. So I did that and got nothing but BS. Oh, you don’t have one. I know I have one. Now all of a sudden, you can’t find it or don’t have it. This is BS. You are not paying for my prescriptions I am. Why did you tell me that when you were lying all along! I can’t stand the BS in this world. Everyone is out for the poor citizen! Shame on you, Capsule.

VIAQX Pharmacy (Rank: 4.6)


  • Absolutely amazing app. Free delivery, excellent customer service that you can actually text, easy to set up delivery, and they take care of the order at VIAQX Pharmacy. It is especially nice to have in Chicago as the winter season gets colder and colder. Couldn’t recommend them more!
  • Wow! So remembering to get my prescriptions is something I always forget and then I get frustrated when I run out. Using VIAQX is a DREAM. Completely seamless and automated. Also, my prescription came to my door in beautiful packaging! You don’t get that from a traditional pharmacy. Their customer support is friendly and very cool, quick to answer questions via text. This is the new pharmacy of the future for millennials.

Armitage Pharmacy (Rank: 4.7)

https://www.armitage.pharmacy/3650 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States | (773) 486-8800

  • I will not go back to the Armitage Pharmacy. The pharmacist refused to fill one medication due to the fact I transferred my refills to a pharmacy closer to my house in Mandeville. Right now, I do not have a vehicle and had to use a Lyft to come all the way to the Medic Shop, and they refused to fill my medicine. Thankfully Walgreens filled it for me. It was hard enough getting to the pharmacy, and for her to blatantly refuse service was terrible on her part. Thanks for nothing.
  • Not open 24 hours. Drove all the way here only to find it wasn’t open. The nearest 24hr pharmacy another 15 mins away, the opposite direction from my house. 🙁

All Care Pharmacy (Rank: 4.4)

Amber Pharmacy1 E Erie St Suite 630, Chicago, IL 60611, United States | (888) 370-1724

  • Pharmacists and staff at Amber Pharmacy are friendly and go out of their way to make sure you get your prescriptions in a timely manner. They also carry over the counter medicines at a reasonable price.
  • Horrible service. The pharmacist is very rude. He argued that I did not have any prescriptions filled there (which I had), then he said, “oh well, I typed your birthday in the wrong. He proceeded to tell me that my physician filled out the script wrong- He did not offer to call the physicians to clarify.– I will never use this pharmacy again- Walgreens and CVS staff are much nicer— remember dude- folks come to the pharmacy when they are not feeling well– you should try to be a little nicer, or go get a research job so that you don’t have to talk to people.