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Outdoor Light Protectors



Weather Protection for Cord Connection! Outdoor light protectors are great to waterproof lights from rain and melting snow. Patented design protects electrical cord connections from the elements. Ideally used to protect holiday lighting cord connections. Testing including shooting powerful water cannons at the Twist and Seal with a live electrical connection as well as rain, snow and sleet tests.

  • Made of durable plastic that is UV resistant
  • Built in cord relief design, cords won’t pull apart
  • Lab tested and proven to stay dry
  • Creates a watertight seal
  • UV Resistant
  • NEMA 250-3R Rated – IP44 Rated


Award Winner 2013

“Most Innovative Product”

“Mini” Twist and Seal

5″ x 2″





6″ x 2″ x 2″ (4.2 oz)

Available  GREEN & ORANGE



Uniquely designed to protect electrical cord connections from rain and melting snow!


For Christmas Light installers, Municipalities, and Landscapers!

No more duct or electrical tape, messy sprays, or liquid tape required. Twist and Seal is the perfect solution to all your Christmas Light outage problems! Perfect addition to your outdoor Christmas display…Unique locking mechanism keeps cords sealed and connected. Tough UV ray & weather resistant commercial grade plastic outer case. IP44 RATED



What most Christmas light enthusiasts do not understand what actually cause their lights to not work. More times than not, the reason for burnt out lights is because there is an interruption in the electrical current. Generally this comes at the weakest point in a current, and that is usually where the two cords connect. If any kind of moisture gets into the connection, the electrical current will be disrupted and trip a GFI, which means “ground fault interrupter” which disables the electrical current to protect users from electrical shock and even potential fire.

The solution is as simple as the products name, Twist and Seal. The Twist and Seal provides moisture protection. There is no need to worry about the lights failing again because of problem connections. Save time and a hassle, don’t use tape or garbage bags for electrical connections, be safe and use Twist and Seal.

Windy City Lights Inc. Distributor for Twist and Seal

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