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RGB Christmas Lights

RGB Christmas Lighting



Minleon Triklits are robust commercial grade RGB Christmas  light nodes consisting of 42mm (1.6inch) high impact polycarbonate spheres spaced on an integrated power and control line. Each node can be individually controlled and synchronized with the string, series of strings, and with other minleon light products in a display.
TrikLits are controlled by one of a number of optional controllers that function with integral automated programs, custom sequences accessed from standard SD cards, or directly via computer. Multiple effects and programs can be run in series, randomly, timed, or synchronized to music or voiceovers.
Triklits leverage the efficiency of LED technology running on less than 30 ma of 12V DC power in a commercial grade waterproof system for maximum safety, longevity, and energy savings. Node strings and arrays can be configured in an infinite variety of designs using Minleons complete line of integrated accessories and peripherals.

sparator5pxTUBE Lights


Minleon light tubes are double sided multi-node tube arrays utilizing the Epistar LED pixel. Tubes are made of clear or frosted sealed commercial grade waterproof polycarbonate and come in a variety of lengths from 15cm (6 inches) to 150cm (5 feet) with pixel pairs spaced at 2 cm intervals.

Each pair of pixels is individually controllable with full 32 bit RGB color and 100 level fading. Tubes can be used individually, connected in arrays, or combined with other minleon light products and may be automated or programmed, or directly controlled using one of our available controllers

sparator5pxFLEX Tape


Flexible light strips are single sided weatherproof lighting strips consisting of the same RGB pixels found in other minleon products but encased in a sealed gel flexible strip that can be adhered to almost any surface in almost any shape. Like all Minleon products, each node in a strip can be individually controlled using stand alone controllers or computer based software. Multiple strips can be used to extend the length of the strand or to create grids, patterns, and designs . Flexible strips can also be integrated into displays with other minleon light products and utilize the same controllers and software.

sparator5pxRGB Light Strings

Picture3Minleon’s RGB string lights add another level of customization to any display. These strings utilize a single Epistar pixel per node for even more energy savings and are available in over 15 different bulb sizes, shapes, and styles from the 40mm frosted ball to the traditional clear C9 Christmas bulb to, a multifaceted small g20. Bulb spacing, wire color, and node per string count can also be customized to a projects requirements. As with all Minleon light products RGB strings are built to commercial standards of weatherproofing and utilize our proprietary integrated 12 volt power and signal technology for safety, ease of installation, and reduce wiring.

sparator5pxEffects Controller

Picture6This is Minleon’s commercial grade do-it-all controller is used in conjunction with Data Distribution Boxes (DDB) to control large light shows. Used in sets with multiple DDBs it can control a virtually limitless number of nodes. The effects controller generates instant 3 dimensional patterns using it’s built in software which tailors over 20 effects to any array size. The controller will also run custom programmed sequences and effects via a built in SD card reader. It can be hooked via Ethernet cable to a computer and utilizing Minelon’s LightShowPro software, can run sequences synchronized to music, be controlled live, and be linked via a network to be controlled via smartphones, tablets, and a variety of other triggers.