Christmas Light Installation Accessories

We carry a complete line of commercial quality clips and accessories for Christmas light installation. The proper lighting accessories can make your holiday lighting display easier to install. Mount your Christmas lights on gutters, shingles, clay roof tops and even brick.

The Original Shingle Tab combined with a flat Parapet Clip will allow  you to install C7 and C9 Christmas lights in a sharp line along a flat roof.

All In One Clips let you mount your bulbs upright and straight.

Mini Light Adhesive Clips are perfect for installing string mini lights or LED lights around a window.

Zip Plugs or “Slide-On Vampire Plugs” make custom design a breeze. To be used with 18 gauge 10 amp SPT1 wire.   Omni All-In-One Clip

  • Works on all shingles and gutters, “K” or “U” styles, aluminum, copper or vinyl
  • Holds all sizes Rope and Tube Lights, Icicle Lights, C7/C9, G25, G30, G40, G50, C6 and Mini Lights

All-in-One Clip

  • Mounts C7 or C9 lights along all types of shingles, gutters, and flat tile or slate roofs
  • Can be used with any size Christmas light bulb

  All-in-one Clip “PLUS”

  • Holds all types of C7, C9 or Mini lights along all types of shingles, gutter or tile
  • Hook on the tip allows a secondary string on gutters.

S-Style Cutter Clips for Mini-Lights Gutter Clips attach mini lights, C7/C9 stringers, and icicle lights to any style gutter. Can also be used to hang light wire, garland or any other decor that can be hung on gutters.

  • Fastens to: Mini, C7/C9, Icicle lighting
  • Fits all types of gutter

Mini Adhesive Clip

Improved design holds the socket so the clip easily accommodates virtually all types of mini light sets. Adhesive pads are included, and work best when used on a clean surface. Fastens to: Almost any type of mini light

  • Sticks to almost any cleaned surface
  • Includes Adhesive Pad
  • Great for outlining the inside of a window

Gutter and Shingle Clip

These clips are ideal when hanging icicle lights from shingles and gutters. They can also be used for C7/C9 lighting installations.

  • Easy to Install and Uninstall
  • Slides under shingles
  • Clips to Gutters easily

Shingle Tab (Original)  Improved design for less visibility uses dual legs for secure mount, with a flip tab for firmer grip. Use with Parapet clip on flat surfaces. Great for commercial Christmas lights installation. Application: Shingle, Gutter

  • Holds Bulb Sizes: C7/C9 bulbs
  • Wide base for uneven shingles
  • Double back base for increased grip
  • No staples, nails or tools required
  • Easy to install

Parapet Clip Use with Shingle Tab on flat surfaces. Clip installs permanently and is not visible from ground when tabs are removed. Seasonally mount Shingle Tabs to hang Christmas lights.

  • Application: Flat Surface
  • Usage: Outdoor
  • Holds Bulb Sizes: C7 / C9


Installation Accessories

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All In One



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