Your Commercial Christmas Lighting Specialist

Chicago native Jane Marchese-Larsen has been involved in the Christmas lighting business since 1985. Shortly after graduating from Northern Illinois University with a marketing degree, Jane began working for Silvestri Corporation, the original innovator of Italian Mini Lights. She quickly became involved in every aspect of the business, from design and showroom set up to sales management. Jane later worked as an outside sales representative for Bethlehem Lights and Roman Inc. Since the Christmas Season was always Jane’s favorite holiday, it was easy for her to develop a passion for selling commercial Christmas lighting, artificial foliage and related products for commercial decorators. This passion led her to start of Windy City Lights in 2006.

Since first establishing Windy City Lights, Jane has built an extensive client base in the Chicago area. She has worked with municipalities, zoos, botanical gardens, hotels, pharmacies, interior and exterior landscape companies as well as commercial decorators. Windy City just added a commercial Christmas lighting showroom which displays all current commercial Christmas products. The West Chicago warehouse is easily accessible and gives customers the convenient and cost effective option of PICKING UP product the same day it is ordered instead of shipping it. In 2009, Windy City Lights added energy-efficient LED commercial Christmas lighting to its product line for customers who are looking to “go green.” Our focus is on offering high quality commercial merchandise, building relationships through fair pricing and making sure the customer is always happy!

Jane under the family Christmas Tree in the 1960s

Jane under the family Christmas Tree in the 1960's

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