Commercial Quality Christmas Bows

Use our commercial Christmas bows to finish off your holiday wreaths and displays. Our selection of bows are perfect for indoors and outdoors. Vinyl backing and a velvet front, with hidden / built-in floral wire along the edge for easy shaping.  All our bows are hand-tied and Made in the USA.

Commercial quality red velvet / wired

Indoor / Outdoor

Holiday Trims

SMALL-5 loop Christmas bow

5 loops (short tails)

10″ wide X 13″ long

Tail length: 7″

Holiday Trims

Medium-7 loop Christmas Bow

7 loops (long tails)

10″ wide X 22″ long

Tail length: 18″


Large-11 loop Christmas Bow

11 loops

(long tails) 14″ wide X 28″ long 




 Extra Large-11 loop Christmas Bow

11 loops (long tails)

18″ wide X 35″ long