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C7 and C9 Christmas Bulbs

C7 and C9 Christmas lights and strands are ideal for creating traditional holiday light displays. The incandescent bulbs are double or triple dipped to provide long lasting colors that resist fading and peeling. Both sized bulbs have a Nickel base that helps prevent corrosion and are double dipped to maintain their vivid color year after year.

Our 130 volt-5 watt C7 bulbs hold up to the harshest of environments and provide 3000 hours of long life durability.

When decorating with Christmas Lights it is very important to know how many lights can be run on a single circuit. On commercial installations it is helpful to plan or add more circuits than is needed. To maximize your power and minimize your costs, we suggest that you use LED lights so you can run twice to nine times the number of lamps or bulbs on a single circuit. You can use the following formula to calculate total watts that can be used.

Bulb Colors

  • Clear/White
  • Red
  • Yellow/Gold
  • Amber
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Multi   
Bulb Types
  • Transparent
  • Ceramic (Opaque / Painted)


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Spools: C7 & C9

1000′ Spools

  • 6″ spacing (2000 sockets)
  • 12″ spacing (1000 sockets)
  • 15″ spacing (800 sockets)
  • 18″ spacing (666 sockets)

Wire Color

  • Green
  • White

C7/C9 Socket Stringers:

  • Features a male and female plug for end to end connection
  • Use with LED or Incandescent Bulbs
  • E12 Candelabra (12mm) socket size fits all C7 bases, and any bulbs with E12 bases
  • 5 Amp Capacity safely handles power loads less than 5 amps total
  • Calculate for Amp Needs:
  1. # of Bulbs x Watts/Bulb = Total Watts
  2. Total Watts / 120 volts = Amp Needs

How to put together a zip-plug.